And The Lord reached down ,to those reaching up

So many times today we hear of “let’s have revival”,  “revival is here”, ” revival meetings here “. But yet, as Leonard Ravenhill said-  …why revival tarries. I might have an answer, when The Lord is reaching down from Heaven , are we conscious enough, burdened enough , compelled enough to reach, reach upward to Him to really receive  it . Our independence must be laid down in humility and with a totally repentant heart. So let’s start stretching and turning our arms towards Heaven . Surrender, All to Jesus and see the Lord’s  arms coming down . 


Will The Lord Wait much longer

Revival will only come upon ,through the Church when we are prepared for it.

Like a crop, preparation first, then the harvest. The Lord is not going to allow revival throigh an ill prepared Church.

Sincere prayer, cleansing repentance  and absolute expectancy  have always preceded God’s Appearance Encounters.


Let us be as ready as we can heart,soul mind and body. Our lives are never going to be the same , for His Glory.

Join us , join Him.





Revival , On it’s way,” if you will have. “

On leaving Liberty Hall after signing the Declaration of Independence,  Ben Franklin  when asked what do the get, asked ” a democracy  if you can keep it”

Again we stand at a crossroad. Does the Church keep doing just ” churchy” things , or does She commit to going full bore after God as wise know as Revival.

In order for the Church to move in all the aspects of Kingdom  Power, we must completely  surrender to the person of that power, the Holy Spirit

Let Him reintroduce  Himself to you in the most incredible  way, through Revival.

Come with me and seize the moment. Come Holy Spirit , I trust your way with me and God’s Church.

Can’t wait to see what happens.







What is God doing today.

My personal thought is in the form of a word picture. I see a large beatiful quilt ( my wife Lil creates quilts) many many segments each beautiful in its own way. Slowly it starts to decay section after section rotting away , until only one segment is left . But this one final ‘remmant is the most beautiful of them all , more beautiful then the whole quilt was in its entirety.And the strenght of this segment was more the the whole quilt was also.This picture is what will become of the world church soon. Even now God is allowing parts of the church to wither and die while those of like -spirit are drawing together finding each other.The Holy Soirit is orchestrating this now as I write .What’s God up to ” behold, the Bride prepareth”.

He’s still on the throne.

The time it takes to write this, people are going to hell.we followers of Jesus shoyld be affected by this but we ‘ re not.we have a life that just touches on God’s world and we think that’s enough. If we dare to ask more of God , we should expect Him to ask more of us in return. ” where the rubber meets the road ” is an old faithful quote that has standed the test of time. Deep in our spirit we knew this time would come. As a closer friend once put it ” are you all in?”. The one question most of us dread. Well I declare today that we dread it no more.



Prayer is the t…

Prayer is the total rendering of the heart,and not the garment,where everything is exposed . Revival STARTS in the heart. You have to open up your heart before God all of it and be exposed, spiritually naked , sick and tired of yourself, until HE captures you completely,Be refreshed and released by the Holy Spirit ! Your journey begins NOW !!